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        I have an in-app 3 month subscription for a macOS app. In the sandbox these subscriptions expire in 15 minutes.


        Testing in the sandbox - I make a purchase - everything proceeds correctly.

        I confirm subscription sucess and then quit the app and wait 20-30 minutes.


        On re-launch I validate the reciept (locally) and find that the original subscription has expired.

        Thats all that I find in the receipt.


        If I do a 'restoreCompletedTransactions' the second instance of the subscription is found (not yet expired).

        If I then quit and restart the app the same result occurs - the receipt validation still shows only the expired first transaction...


        Yes I do '[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addTransactionObserver:self]' in 'applicationDidFinishLaunching'.


        What am I overlooking or not understanding about this process?


        Thanks for any helpful suggestions.