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        After I ported an example iPad app to the Mac with Catalyst, I noticed, that I have focus rings on my UITextFields and UITextViews, when they become first responders. The AppKit documentation says that they can be turned off in native Mac applications by seting the NSView's focusRingType to .none.


        Is there a way to turn them off for UITextField and UITextView? I saw some private API on UIView like (_defaultFocusRingType, _focusRingType, _setFocusRingType:) and tried to thinker a bit and call performSelector with _setFocusRingType: and an NSNumber, but it is ineffective.


        Thank you for the help in advance!


        P.s. I'm aware that the focus ring helps accessibility, but the AppKit documentation states, that I can set it to none, if I use the backgroundcolor to differentiate the active text input (which is the case btw).