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        The urlSession(_:taskIsWaitingForConnectivity:) delegate method is not called in iOS 13 Beta (I'm currently working under Xcode 11.0 beta 5, Catalina beta 5).


        The URLSession I used is defined as:


        public private(set) lazy var urlSession: URLSession = {

                let config = URLSessionConfiguration.default

                config.waitsForConnectivity = true


                return URLSession(configuration: config, delegate: self, delegateQueue: nil)




        I turn off Wi-Fi on my MacBook Pro, start a demo app, and the tasks created out of URLSession defined above just failed with timeout.

        urlSession(_:taskIsWaitingForConnectivity:)  delegate method is not called at all.


        I wonder if it is a known issue or I missed something?



        Thank you in advance,