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        I have noticed this issue while trimming my videos, when I send them to my friends via Messenger or Facebook or uploading it to Google Files, somehow the video doesn’t get trimmed properly to my desired part of the video. It remains the same length, however when you open the video it instead shows the first part of the video, as if the video was trimmed to show the beginning portion, which I didn’t intend to do. This is extremely infuriating, I thought it was only a google drive problem when uploading to it, the file is called adjustments.plist. This file refuses to render at all. I’d prefer in ios 12 when you trimmed your video, you could just make a new copy. This new trimming system, you cant trim your original video completely, even after you trimmed it when you edit the video, the unwanted portion is still there. It is like you didn’t cut the video completely, it is still there, just not shown. I don’t know how to fix it and its very infuriating. Bonus: the video when displayed on messenger is even in the wrong orientation(vertical) when the video displayed in the photo apps is horizontal. Please help me fix this as it seriously hinders my experience of IOS

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          I have the same problem. The full video (unedited) will show up no matter where you send it. However, in the photos app it will show you the edited version. When will this be fixed?

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            Having the same problem too. I don’t get an option to trim the original or save as a new copy.

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              Same problem. I thought I was doing something wrong!

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                Same issue here, even with trimming the video using the iMovie app it still uploads to Facebook at the trimmed length but from the start of the original video. We should really still have the option to save as a new clip. Have also noticed it takes a painfully long time to trim videos on iOS 13 compared to 12.

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                  Same problem. Within the Photos app I edited the video to trim off the ends and shorten it. When I go to send the video, the entire original video is sent. This has happened in Airdrop, Facebook Messenger, and Messages, so it sure seems to be an iOS problem. The first time I wondered why on earth the short 13s clip I was sending was taking so long. Turns out it was because the entire 5 minutes of the original video had been sent. I had to delete the message before anyone saw it because it contained material I didn’t want to publish yet. I tried making a “Duplicate” of the trimmed video in the Photos app via the share button, but that duplicates the original video and the edits. I agree with others on this thread... as a quick fix *at least* bring back the Save New Clip feature. I used this often and was surprised to not find it in iOS 13. This bug is quite frustrating and a little dangerous if original videos contain sensitive material with people not realizing that’s what they’re sending. Please fix immediately.

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                      Can't believe Apple can overlook such a simple routine function in video editing after 10 years in making.  If you make a 30 min video and trim to 5 min it's still using up space for all 30 minuites on the device.  Few such videos will run up your 256 GB in no time.  Frustrating

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                          I totally agree. There should be an option to discard the excess footage of a movie. Now you’re stuck with a large file. My daughter does a lot of competitive diving and filming those dives you always start filming way to early. I could always cut of at least half of the movie afterwards but now I’m stuck with twice the data, sending them to family to see twice the size is just stupid.

                          Does anyone know of 3d party software that can still discard the unnecessary part(s)?

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                        figured out a work around.  Use Quicktime on your mac and trim it in there and then import it back into photos.  Works for me

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                          I use Lumafusion and re-render the video, which is definately not a nice option but the only one that helps at this point for me beeing 100% mobile. I really hope Apple fixes that problem in the next release. I really want to go back to iOS 12.4 at this point.

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                            I’m also having the same problem..what should I do

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                              I want 12.4.1 back on my iPad 3rd Gen 11 inch that cost me a LOT of money so badly. There's no signed IPSW files to do it anymore.


                              Trimming is slower, less accurate to achieve with your finger and Duplicating 50-100 Gig clips is not a workaround that I can do. It worked so well before and "save clip as" was crucial to my workflow.


                              Apple you have through a forced "upgrade" ruined this device - I'm literally not using it anymore and I want my money back!

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                                I just stumbled across this problem as well. I don’t understand it!! The video shows up fine on my phone, but when I post it to Facebook it didn’t posted as the original video. ***!?! I have the latest software update. I can’t even see the original video in my photos. Why is this happening? Is anyone from Apple working on this issue?

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                                  Same problem here.


                                  The trimming option worked perfectly on iOS 12. I liked it a lot. I routinely take videos of my golf swing. I will take a shot of several swings and immediately trim the first and last part of the video: the part where I'm walking away from the camera and the part where I walk back to hit the stop button. I don't ever want to save the trimmed video to a new video. I just want to save the original video trimmed. In iOS 13 I have to save it to a new video no matter what! Argghhhhh!!


                                  Also, I want the original date and time of the trimmed video. If I trim my videos at home instead of at the range, in iOS 13 I have no option but to save the trimmed video as a new video and then erase the original video. But saving to a new video will change the date and time!! Argghhhhhh!!!


                                  Additionaly, the trimming features are less operable than they were before. The film reel below the video is shorter because now they put the playback button to the left of the film instead of below where it was before. Now, I accidentaly press the playback button when I want to press the left arrow. Argghhhhh!!!!


                                  If I select the left arrow and keep it pressed to expand the film reel and then move the left border to the right I cannot get pass through what I see on the screen. The film reel doesn't scroll to the left to select a later part of the video. Arggghhhhhh!!!


                                  And when I select the right arrow to trim the last part of the video and then release it the image returns to the first part of the video whereas I want to see the image I selected as the last part of the video! Arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


                                  I really don't understand why something that was working so perfectly had to be modified. Videos are not the same as photos. Understand that. They are treated differently by us. They don't need to have the same set of tools as the photos tools.


                                  Please, fix this as soon as possible. Please!!