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        I had submitted a iOS + WatchOS app for review, but it got rejected by the App review team. It only mentioned


        "The app did not install on Apple Watch". While developing I had installed the App in the simulator (iPhone and the Watch) and also on an Apple Watch and iPhone - it worked fine for me.


        Any clues on how I could test it?


        - XCode Version 10.3

        - iOS Deployment Target 9.0

        - Watch OS Deployment target 5.3

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          PBK Level 7 Level 7 (3,365 points)

          Tough position.

          - You could try lowering that Watch OS Deployment Target from the latest to an earlier version in case App Review is not running the latest Watch OS(!!!).

          - You could try deleting the current version from the watch and device, making sure that your code doesn't rely on retained stuff on the devices like the keychain, and verifying that it runs as expected on a clean install. Then just ask App Review to try again stating simply that it works on your real device; emphasize 'real device'.  Sometimes there are glitches (aka newbie reviewers) on their end.