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        Recently, we connected an apple wallet for our application, in connection with this, when configuring the Provisioning Profile, the ApplePay In-App Provisioning Development option appeared.

        A couple of days ago in Xccode, I saw an error saying that my .entitlements was missing the com.apple.developer.apple-cash-disbursements entry that appeared in the Provision Profile. Could you tell me what it is? Has it appeared recently? Should I add a new entry in .entitlements?

        I tried to write apple support, but they do not provide me with accurate information, only send me links to similar information:


        App sandbox information (macOS)

        If a build has an entitlement error

        Apple Pay


        I tried to generate a new developer provisioning, but I always get the following warning:

        Provisioning profile "Provisioning Name Development" for "Mobile" contains entitlements that aren't in the entitlements file: com.apple.developer.apple-cash-disbursements. To use these entitlements, add them to your entitlements file. Otherwise, remove unused entitlements from your provisioning profile. (in target 'Mobile')