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        We need some help renewing MDM certificates on a large number of ipads.

        We learnt that the certificate expiry depends on the date that the device is first enrolled with the MDM server, meaning that not all of them expire at the same date. We also confirmed that pushing new software to the ipads does not renew the certificate. it will only be renewed upon expiry.

        In this picture example the certificate expired on the 22nd June 2019 and it failed to update for some reason which is currently unknown.


        We have managed to renew it on another device by formatting it and re-enrolling it but since we have a number of devices in different countries around the world we would like to know if there is a less "drastic" solution to fixing the certificate error.

        The MDM server is a MAC OS server version 5.6.1

        We have an open case with apple support but it is taking a long time for them to get back to us. I was wondering if anyone encountered this issue and found a proper solution for it.


        Thanks for taking the time to read this far