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        Hi all


        As written in the title I'm a beginner and started to familiarize with core data and modelling entities, table views and array controller. But now I'm a bit confused about the cocoa binding of the core data model to the view. I am surprised that such an elementary topic is so complicated to implement.


        Does anybody know a simple tutorial with examples how to connect core data with an array controller with a table view? I found a lot, but the most are old and not working anymore and/or incomplete. I work with the beta version of xCode (version 11) and swift 5.


        Thanks for any hint

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                >I am surprised that such an elementary topic is so complicated to implement.


          You're talking about a non-trivial technology that is predicated on a specific pre-existing skill set (google search skills help, but they'll just get you in over you head in this example). And as much as I'm a fan of stretch goals, I'd suggest beginners find something else to learn first, coming back around to this level of coding when you're better equipped, self-supporting, etc. Have to say, if someone has the skills to work w/CD, they're not likely looking for a 'simple tutorial'.


               >I'm a beginner


          If there are tutorials you'd like to see that don't exist, feel free to file enhancement requests via the bug reporter.


               >most are old and not working anymore


          Same goes for beta tools....steer clear/re-align expectations if you're green, but at least appreciate that new stuff means rapid evolution...looking for 'simple tutorials' for fast moving content is usually counter-productive/unrealistic.


          If it's (more) solid ground you're after, back your tools down and ramp your skills up.


               >binding core data to table view


          Relevant docs (sans 'simple tutorial' because of course') here:



          Good luck.