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        I was trying to implement the BGTaskScheduler but couldn't get it working than tried it with the sample project provided by Apple. I tried to run it on latest Xcode beta and latest iOS beta but can't get the background tasks to work. I tried the BGAppRefreshTaskRequest, didn't modify that and slighty modified BGProcessingTaskRequest so it would also be scheduled every x minutes. But in the console you can see it keeps rejecting it.


        Example of the console:


          {name: DataBudgetPolicy, policyWeight: 1.000, response: {Decision: Must Not Proceed, Score: 0.00, Rationale: [{[/system/budgets/networking]: Required:1.00, Observed:0.00},]}}

        ], FinalDecision: Must Not Proceed}



          {name: ApplicationPolicy, policyWeight: 50.000, response: {Decision: Must Not Proceed, Score: 0.00}}

          {name: DeviceActivityPolicy, policyWeight: 5.000, response: {Decision: Must Not Proceed, Score: 0.00, Rationale: [{launchType == PROCESSING AND deviceActive == 1}]}}

        ], FinalDecision: Must Not Proceed}


        I tried everything I could think of. Even when the iPhone X is fully charged and on charger, it doesn't matter.


        The implementation looks quite simple but if the sample code doesn't even run correct what else could you do.


        Can someone help me please?