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        My IAP is working fine in Sandbox Environment and Test Flight. But the problem is,  its not working in Production Environment (App Store).
        Users trying to purchase from my application, It shows the product details as well. But after purchasing complete, it does not affect to the application. I am confused, i cant test this case. Both test cases are working fine, problem is only from Appstore.  Please Help me......

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          If you tested it successfully in the sandbox and then in production you are able to make a purchase then the only possibility is that:


          1) your app can’t handle two successive calls to updated transactions - the first a ‘failed’ purchase and the second a ‘purchase’ purchase - two because the user needed to update their credit card information


          ......or......2) you are verifying the receipt at the wrong website

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              I don't think it is the only reason, because I have the same problem now, when I updated my app to new version - there is number of users calling me with the same problem - in app purchase is not working. I can test it in sandbox only - but everything is OK. The problem is on real accounts.

              To be sure - I created new real account in App Store and tried to buy my own application "in real" - it doesn't work. SKErrorUnknown is returned.

              What is more stressful in app purchase implementation and store observer is not changed since 2013 !!!!!! I didn't made any changes. I published 20 updates to my app during these 6 years and had no problem. Update no 21 killed me - application works fine - except in app purchase.

              Time to die