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        Hi all


        We have HDR content, at up to HD resolution for both 25fps and 50fps in a single manifest.


        Our issue is that most of our customers will have their Apple TV Video settings set to "4K HDR 50Hz".


        We understand that the Apple TV 4K device does NOT support 4K HDR content above 30fps, but it does support HD HDR up to 60fps.


        But because of the users video setting, even though we don't have above HD resolutions, then the device only plays 25fps content, and not the 50fps content.


        If the customer has their setting set to "HD HDR 50Hz" then they correctly see the best HD HDR @50fps picture.


        Is there any way we can automatically downgrade the customers video setting to HD so that they get the best picture we support? Or any way to ensure the HD 50fps content is chosen knowing we don't have 4K resolutions in our playlist? Or any way we can prioritise FPS at all?


        It seems strange that even though we don't have resolutions greater than HD in our manifest, that tvOS is thinking we "might" have, and therefore limits the FPS to 25 even before deciding on the stream to play.


        Thanks for any help anyone can give on this.





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          For example

          A manifest file containing these two HDR streams (among others), will only play the 25 FPS stream when the customers device Video Setting is "4K HDR 50Hz".




          But if the customers video setting was "HD HDR 50Hz" then it would play the 50 fps stream.