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        As I'm currently in need of creating an updatable classifier, but I have yet to find any examples.


        Been reading Machine Learning by Tutorials and a little of Core ML Survival Guide.  Both nice books, but written before we were given the opportunity to update our models on devie in iOS 13.


        I was using an ML Classifier and updating the model in the cloud with gather data on a backend server.  I would like to do the same on device.


        I've got a number of columns all text and a decisiion as to what group the entry belongs to.  Very much like the latest Create ML classifier project.  But the model generated as of beta 5 is not updatable.


        I'm hoping there is a generic solution to solve this much like the easy of creating the ML Classifier.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Web site examples, books, etc.  I not against creating this in python if I could see a simple example.