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        At the moment I'm distributing apps both via a DMG downloaded from our website as well as a zip file downloaded by the sparkle framework as an automatic update. My build script invokes xcodebuild to build the app and then does all the needed work to take the resulting app binary and packge it inside a DMG as well as a zip file for the sparkle updater.

        I would like to submit the app only once, (since it is the same binary) to the notary service, is that supported?

        Can I take the app binary, get it notarized and then staple the dmg and zip using the same ticket or do I have to have different tickets for the dmg vs the zip.

        In other words, when I submit a dmg, does the dmg gets notarized or is it the app inside that gets notarized? Also, when I staple a DMG, does this modify the app inside the dmg or is the staple attached to the dmg?