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        When creating apps that use HomeKit and HomeKit Accessories, I use the iOS simulator.

        In order to do that, I use the HomeKit Accessory Simulator, create simulated accessories. Then I launch my app, add that simulated home / rooms and accessories to my app using the device explorer. So far so good.


        However the problem is, whenever I upgrade Xcode, I have to go through the entire process of adding the home, rooms and accessories to my room. My simulated accessories are still there in HomeKit Accessory Simlulator of course, however when running a new simulator (especially after an upgrade of Xcode) there is no HMHome / HomeKit home available.


        How do I solve this? Can I import / export my HKAccessories using the simulator, maybe it's stored in the simulator file paths, or even using the Accessory Simulator?


        Thanks very much, as this is quite a big bugbear for me.