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        I had Xcode Server running great until some certificates expired. I have tried to delete the expired certificates in the Xcode Sever UI for the Bot. If you control click on the menu item a menu appears but the option to delete the certificate is grayed out. I currently have about 8 certificates that are listed as "Unknown Team".  I cleared out the certificates in the integration user's keychain but they don't seem to go away in the bot UI.


        I would like to clear out these certificates but they either keep coming back or are not completely being deleted. Not sure where it keeps them or what to delete to force it to use the new certificates. Some other questions seem to indicate that they are stored in a couchdb database, I dont know couchdb and I could not get the command line tools to work. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I really dont want to have to rebuild the whole server from scratch.

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          When I try to build I get this error, but I created the new certificate


          Bot Issue for App (master) (error)

          Integration #54 of App (master) on Build Server

          Open Integration in Xcode: xcbot://Build%20Server/botID/82ca7ee4135be40dae9811f97b0409bd/integrationID/05bb1ce466a2d15811ae97b5ec000f18

          Build Service Error: exportArchive: You are not permitted to create distribution provisioning profiles for team.  Please contact one of your team admins, who can create a profile on your behalf.

          Introduced 2 integrations ago