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        I tried to install new patch 10.14.6 on my MacBook Pro ( Mid 2015, 15'' ).


        History: At the end of update I saw question mark folder. I looked up in Internet and saw solution in rebooting and login in into recovery mode.


        I did it and at the next restart Installer GUI showed error: "Function not implemented." I open Logs and looked for this error. OSInstallElement entry showed this error. Also I observed errors that "vm cannot be placed at path: disk is readonly".


        My next steps in Recovery.

        1. Set bootable device - error: "bless cannot be done on this disk".

        2. Try to Recover from Time Machine - just error after I chose destination partition to restore.

        3. Try to Reinstall OS - I can't choose any device, because they are greyed and GUI suggest to choose another device.

        4. Try to Erase this SDD in Disk Utility - error: fsdk_apfs /dev/disk1_2 - Permission Denied. Error 66.

        I brought this MacBook Pro to service center. After couple of days they responded that SSD has NOT original connnection port and failed to install new patch. However, other tests passed.

        What should I do in this situation?

        Could I somehow restore functionality of this SSD even with downgrade to 10.14.5?


        Service center suggests to replace my SSD ( 1 TB ) by original one. It is so expensive. I would like to know alternative solutions.