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        Dear community


        I'm developping an App to sell my discount card. It's a discount card that has been working for many years and it's always been physical. Meaning you go on my wordpress, buy it, and receive it at home. Then, you go to Domino's pizza, or whatever other partner, show it, and you get 10% discount on Pizza.


        Now, I want to have this card on an App. Basically, you download the app, see the discounts where you can use it, and you can choose to buy it or not. Same as with the wordpress.


        If you do, there's a button that is called "CARD" and when you press it shows the card. Exactly as the physical one, just you have it there on your phone. To use it, you do the same. Press "CARD", and then show it to the cashier in Domino's to pay less.


        Will I lose 30% of my money because of selling the card on the App? Or this does not qualiy as In App Purchase?


        It is definitely not clear after 5 hours of reading articles. Because this is something that is like an "app enhancement", as you don't see the CARD button unless you buy it. But then it's not something to be consumed inside the App. It's a physical good, that is shown to a cashier.


        Thank you in advance for all the help



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          In your example, I think, you are basically selling a coupon for 'goods and services consumed outside the app'. IAP is for digital goods consumed within the app. 30% revenue to Apple is only for IAP.


               >Same as with the wordpress.


          Is your app just a wallet for that card? What features are provided that are unique to the platform/different from your website? If you have a website the user can access via their device, why do you need an app?

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              That's good to know. Had a hard time finding information about this, because IAP are mentioned as "things that you unlock inside an App", and the thing is that you can't see the card unless you buy it. So there's the basic app without the card, then you buy it, and then you unlock the card inside the app.


              Well, we don't only do the discount card but sell trips and other things. But we also do this on the wordpress. So as to why do we need an App. Well, it's more convenient, push notifications, faster, etc.

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              The following messages were deleted and are now being readded:



              From PBK:


              It could go either way and either way and either way App Review could object or could accept.


              On the one hand you are just selling a small discount card, using IAP to unlock code within the app and then displaying something within the app.  That approach can use IAP, requires IAP, and will 'cost' 30% (actually, just increase the price and it will 'cost' nothing).


              On the other hand, as implied above in another post, you could claim that you are 'enabling the purchase of goods' used outside the app.  Then you can not use IAP, may use a third party, and do not need to raise the price of the coupon to cover the 30%.  Note, however, that this is not really what the guidelines are intending.  The link in that other post adds in the phrase 'selling a coupon' - that is not in the guideline as I read it.  Therefore App Review might object.  And consider this, if your 'discount' were 90% then you are 'enabling the purchase' and would qualify under that guideline.  If your 'discount' were 0.1% then you are selling the information contained within the app, clearly not 'enabling the purchase'.  So where between 0.1% and 90% is the line?




              Reply from arturojgil:


              You see.. it's not that easy.


              Well, the advantages of using our card really vary between partner, but it is never less than 10-15%.

              Sometimes there's not a discount, but you get a free shot if you buy a longdrink. Or sometimes you just skip the line to enter a club.


              For sure we are not selling the information, because people see the partners in the section called DISCOUNTS. They can even see what the discount is if they buy the card. A discount card is like a voucher that you can use use limitless times, for as long as you pay the card. I guess


              Thanks again for your help. Very helpful



              Reply from KMT:



              Coupon, membership card, loyalty card, discount card, voucher - all are similar means to the same ends with your example, and it doesn't matter what we call them...when they involve consumption of real world goods, being approved during review in these caseshistorically involves a non-IAP 3rd party payment scheme. Focus on that point and you'll have better odds at getting in the store .


              Good luck.