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        I was going through the iOS API and skimming for functions that could be useful for my app. I was wondering whether the iBeacon functions under Core Location can be used to recognize a car's BLE.


        As I understand it, iBeacon is a protocol, not a specific device/beacon. But based on the wording on the website I am not able to surmise whether the functions listed under iBeacon can be used for any bluetooth device, or just specific beacons.


        I have grouped my questions into three, to hopefully make it easier to answer.


        (1) Suppose we want to be able to 'Determine the Proximity' to an iBeacon Device and the bluetooth source/device at question is a car. Would it be possible to employ this function?


        (2) Do cars usually run an iBeacon protocol? Forgive my ignorance, but I am extremely confused as to what BLE protocol cars would use other than iBeacon or eddystone.


        (3) Every car's BLE will have a UIID. Can we use this UIID to determine the proximity of the device when this BLE UIID is found?


        Thank you everyone in advance!