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        So currently i'm working on an project in which i have to access different machines which is in (my machines) same network.

        • Accessing different machines in my network allow me to see files on different machines.
        • My current task is to check for file which is present in my machines as well as in different machine & copy the file from other machine to my machine if the last modification date of file in other machine is lastest ( or higher) than my machine's file.
        • For this the files should be in same path as in my machine.
        • File should be present in both the machines.
        • To achieve this goal first i have to loop around the machines which are in my network.
        • In windows impersonation api's are there which allow us to fetch allow us to fetch other machine's details.


             Is there such api or communication channel using which i can implement such task ?


            Any load would be highly appreciable.