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        Hi everyone, I’m working on several websites using Web Inspector to control css elements in iOS. But now all tabs in the Web Inspector are shown, but there is no content. Under the tab Elements there ist no html code shown, and css elements cannot be highlighted on mobile device iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6)


        I’m using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and Safari 11.1.2 on a Mac Pro (beginning 2008)

        The mobile device ist listed in the Web Inspector and can be selected.

        When I select the device in Web Inspector and roll over the website domain (opened on mobile device), the device screen is highlighted. That means there is a connection to the device.

        After selecting the website, there ist no code under the elements tab and all other tabs have no content, too.


        But together with the Xcode Simulator the Web Inspector works completely normal.


        On my private iMac the Web Inspector also works completely normal with the same mobile devices.


        What can be the reason? Thanks for your response.