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        Hi guys,

        I cannot get a custom UIControl to allow me to use command+drag to create a segue in the storyboard. I know they can be done programatically but I need to do them in the storyboard per requirements and was wondering if there's a trick to add this functionality.

        When I try with a custom UIControl, the connection from my control to the other view controller never "attaches" and no blue square around the other view controller and menu popoup for a segue appears. I've tried adding a gesture recognizer and ensuing sendTo events were active but no dice. I also tried dragging from the heirarchy view but again nothing. It's like the control doesn't even see the second view controller.

        For troubleshooting I even tried making a completely empty project, empty class that inherits from UIButton (which should already have those things) and it still doesn't work. (And yes, my view is set to the Custom UIButton in the storyboard.)

        I did notice that with the controls that do work they all have a "Triggered Segues" section in the connections inspector and wonder if that may be the key.

        I'm on XCode 10.3.