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        I am getting this error when trying to load files in UIWebView


        My program decodes another file and generates html, css and image files in the container (AppData/Documents/customfolder)


        The html file exists and also loads when the webview is passed the loadRequest message, but I get the NSUrlConneciton finished with error -1100 message in the console


        This program is supposed to continuously create and load html files throughout it's run, and at times based on the html file, the html file is supposed to refresh itself as well (refresh command is html file's meta). The html files also contain links (<a href ... </a>)to other local html files. The program loads the html files correctly in the beginning (although the NSUrlConnection error is shown) and in the beginning the links in the html file work as expected as well, but after letting the program run for a while, pressing a link on an html file also generates NSUrlConnection error. This also used to be a -1100 error before, but after adding


        to the Info.plist file, pressing on links started generating NSUrlConnection finished with error 24.


        What is NSURLConnection and why does it happen in general? For the -1100 error specifically I was able to find that it means file not found, but the file definitely exits. And what is error 24? Where can I find a list of error codes and their description? I have also seen this but it is not convenient at all to find a particular error code. Is there a header file in the xcode installation somewhere that lets me see how these error codes are defined?