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        using latest beta of catalina

        when i backup my iphone to my imac on finder, i can see the little sync icon on the iphone

        but theres literally no indication or progress bar or anything that shows the backup progress on my mac.

        this is really frustrating because i want to know how long is it gonna take (like it used to be on itunes)!!!!

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          mrenduch Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

          Same issue. Having problem with my iPad even syncing.

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            kgf3076 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

            Pardon me if this is way too simplistic, but this works for me and gives a (very small) indication that Syncing is actually happening.


            Open Music (RIP iTunes).  Select the device you want to sync on the list of devices on the left.  Click Sync Settings at the top of Music (again RIP iTunes), a Finder window should open and the device to be synced will be listed at the top of the Finder wiindow and listed under Locations on the left. Select Sync at the bottom right of Finder.  There should now be a circle at the device listing in Locations which will "fill" as the device syncs. That circle will fill and clear as each part of the sync is performed.  This is a REALLY LOUSY way to display the sync prrocess but apparently we're stuck with it for now.