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        I have been using ImageCaptureCore Framework for my mac OS application since 2-3 years now, and it has currently started behaving weird after the update to 10.14.


        My application uses this framework to detect any external device and uploads the mediaFiles detected in the device.


        So, after I run [self.device requestOpenSession];


        In the callbacks that I am getting after this


        - (void)deviceDidBecomeReady:(ICDevice *)device{

            if(self.device.hasOpenSession){ // hasOpenSession returns some random value rather than YES





        - (void)deviceDidBecomeReadyWithCompleteContentCatalog:(ICDevice *)inDevice


            // I am trying to get the mediaFiles under this method but getting mediaFiles as zero when trying to access.

               NSArray *cameraFiles = [(ICCameraDevice*)self.device valueForKey:MEDIAFILES];

               [self.delegate mediaFetched:cameraFiles];



        -(void)device:(ICDevice *)device didOpenSessionWithError:(NSError *)error{




        I am stuck with this issue and could not find much on the internet for help.

        Any help would really be appreciated as many of my customers are impacted because of this.


        Thanks in Advance.