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        Known problems:


            - iOS or macOS Safari: Call the 'MediaStream' object obtained by 'MediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio:true})', 'MediaStream' first use is no problem, but if 'MediaStream' second use will be a problem. If you call 'MediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio:true})' again to get 'MediaStream', there will be no problem.


            - iOS: if any audio has been played before calling 'MediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio:true})', recording will not be possible at all. If the getUserMedia is called first and then the audio is played, there is no problem.


            - win10/android chrome and firefox don't have any of the above problems.



        These problems can be reproduced according to the test flow on the page :



        My test environment:

                iOS: iPhone 5s 12.3.1

                macOS: 10.14.5


                win10: chrome and firefox

                android: chrome and firefox