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        We've been using UIWebView window created in native obj c in a Cordova hybrid ios app using Cordova plugins. The presentation loader page loads in full-screen mode in iOS 12.4 but when we tested the same on iOS 13 beta 4, the window is loading in a popup overlay on the page instead of full-screen mode.


        I'm trying to figure out if this is a beta issue. I'm aware of the deprecation status of the UIWebView but the behavior is different in both the versions considering both have the UIWebView in the SDK.


        Below is the screenshot of the screen where webview is loading in popup overlay in iOS 13 beta 4:

        We have tested this on iOS 13 beta 1 and 4 but the results are similar as below.



        Has anyone faced a similar issue with the iOS 13 beta or otherwise and if possible, what we need to change in the code to get the previous behavior where the window loads in the full-screen mode as was in iOS 12.


        Thanks in advance!