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        We have an installer which installs various things - a kext, a deamon, some libraries, and a mac app into /Applications.


        When I run on Catalina, I get: "This package is incompatible with thie version of macOS. The package is trying to install content to the system volume".


        If I customize the install to omit the mac app, it installs everything else fine.


        Installer is notarized and works fine on 10.14.


        Is there some limitation in 10.15 on installing apps into /Applications? I'm not sure why it's talking about the system volume, I'm definitely not trying to install anything into /System.




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          10.15 beta introduces the concept of a read-only system volume.  You can watch WWDC 2019 Session 710 What’s New in Apple File Systems for more background on that.  In this setup /Applications is a firmlink to the read/write data volume.  In theory your installer should follow that link and thus be able to install.  If that’s not working, you should raise the issue with your installer vendor.  If you’re using Apple’s Installer, please file a bug about this, and post your bug number, just for the record.

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