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        I'm currently working on a heart rate monitor. I can successfully show the heart rate (bpm) using the Heart Rate Measurement (0x2A37) characteristic of Bluetooth. But I want to show an ECG line graph so I need the raw heart data, with the voltage amounts specified. I can reach some other information such as RR-interval and sensor contact status (with this characteristic) but I don't know how to get the raw data itself. Is it possible that I'm missing a feature of this characteristic, or is there any other way I can get this data? I'm using an AD8232 heart monitor.

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          You should find this information in the AD8232 heart monitor device profile.

          Such as examples of Arduino imlementations

          h ttps://www.instructables.com/id/ECG-Monitoring-System-by-Using-Arduino-or-AD8232/


          Could also search here:

          h ttps://medium.com/@didourebai/quest-ce-que-bluetooth-le-fe307dbc44f

          Gives access to all the existing characteristics

          h ttps://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/gatt/characteristics?source=post_page---------------------------


          Could this tutorial help ? Probably not, it is a bit general.

          h ttps://www.raywenderlich.com/231-core-bluetooth-tutorial-for-ios-heart-rate-monitor