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        We are trying to get our VPN through the review process for about a month now and we got rejected 7 times because of the following reason:



        We noticed that your app does not sufficiently explain how your app or VPN service is using data collected from users.


        Next Steps


        To view and store information about users and the data they consume, you must make it clear to the user what data is being collected and how it will be used. Additionally, you must obtain the user's consent before the data is uploaded to your server. Mentioning this information in your app's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy is not sufficient.



        We have already implemented a fnuction to get the consent from the user during the registration but we get the same rejection message everytime. I asked the support several times if they could provide more information but all we get is the same cut and paste answer everytime.


        Does anybody had the same issue or an idea on how we should inform the user how we use the data (we don't use any data and all information is encrypted before it reaches our servers)?


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