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        i have 2 accounts 1 is free account and the other one just ott enrolled a week ago, before i enroll both where working ok just 1 day after i paid and enroll for one of them Xcode started creating only wildcard ID in the apple portal instead of the explicit ID and only one for all the proyects for that account, the other account (the free account) still working good and Xcode creates the rigth explicit app ID for every proyect), does any one has the same problem or know how to fix it?. I contacted Apple Support, the answer was they only provide administrative level support.


        Any help would be apreciated, thanks.

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          What version Xcode are you working with?


          Auto created wildcards are normal, otherwise. See https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/technotes/tn2250/_index.html


          From that link:

          Defining a Bundle Identifier in Xcode that is compatible with your App ID

          The Bundle Identifier setting on your app's Xcode Project must be compatible with the App ID associated with your Provisioning Profile. To define the Bundle Identifier in your Xcode project, choose the Xcode "View" menu > Navigators > "Project" option, then select your root project folder in the upper left corner. The Project Editor will appear in the center pane. Select your target in the "TARGETS" section, then click the "Info" tab. Enter your bundle identifier in the "Bundle identifier" field. If a wildcard asterisk character is present in your App ID, replace the asterisk with an appropriate string using reverse-DNS format for the Bundle Identifier defined on your Xcode project.

          Here are some example App IDs and compatible corresponding Bundle Identifier values defined in Xcode:

          • If your App ID is A1B2C3D4E5.com.domainname.applicationname enter com.domainname.applicationname as your Bundle Identifier.
          • If your App ID is A1B2C3D4E5.com.domainname.* enter com.domainname.ichosethisappname as your Bundle Identifier.
          • If your App ID is A1B2C3D4E5.* enter any string you like using reverse-DNS format as your Bundle Identifier.


          About those two accounts...did you use the same Apple ID for both?

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              Hi, thanks for your answer.


              The Xcode Version i been workin with is 10.2. just downlading now the last update 10.3

              about the two accounts i am not using the same Apple ID, they are independent of each other.

              i have automatically manage signing on in Xcode

              I followed your instruccions to define the Bundle Identifier in the "info" tab, but nothing changed in the apple portal or in the provisioning profile file in my mac, still a wildcard Id with only the .* not even the bundle string with the team ID and the reverse DNS that suppose to   precede the .*


              I been reading some of the documentation and check some forums about automatic signing and i didn't find anything specific to how Xcode choose between generate  explicit ID and Wildcard ID but looks like it always start a new proyect with a wildcard  ID and then switch to an explicit ID as needed ( but that didn't happend before i enrolled or with my free account, it always start with the explicit ID), the proyect is runnig in my device but because proyects with wildcards ID's have some limitations in the capabilities that you can add, i am concern about having problems later with that as i develop the proyect or when submit for beta testing or apple store.

              i'll keep checking the documentation to see if i find something related.


              Probably i can turn off automatic signing and do it all manual but i rather do it in automatic if is posible, suppose to be way more simple.


              I'll apreciate if you have some other information about it.


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              I had a similar issue with Xcode using the wildcard ID instead of the explicit ID. To resolve it, I deleted all the provisioning profiles in the following directory:


              ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles


              Then I re-opened the project in Xcode and it re-downloaded the correct provisioning profile with explicit ID.


              Hope that helps.