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        We are facing an issue in ReplayKit. After recording for around 5-8 videos, startCapture(), delegate method of ReplayKit gives the error:


        Error Domain=com.apple.ReplayKit.RPRecordingErrorDomain Code=-5807 "Recording interrupted by multitasking and content resizing" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Recording interrupted by multitasking and content resizing}


        Thus, the recording is never captured. We tried one approach, i.e, calling stopCapture() of Replaykit just before startCapture() but issue still persists. After that, we got to know that maybe the issue is due to the popup dialog which comes up when startCapture() is called. In this, it asks for permission to record screen. Seems like, currently no property or method is exposed to us so that we might show the same popup before we call startCapture(). For now, restarting the device seems like a workaround to fix the issue but we need to know how we can get rid of this error without restarting the deivce.


        Hardware configuration: We have used iPhone 7 with IOS 12.0 and iPad 6th generation with IOS 12.0.1 on which we are able to reproduce this error.


        Steps to reproduce:

        Call startCapture() of ReplayKit to start recording. In the completion handler, it comes up with the error "Recording interrupted by multitasking and content resizing" and it doesn't capture anything due to this.


        Please help us to resolve this error.