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        As i mentioned at the article https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/371807#371807 there is a bug at the Touch Bar.


        I want some of my apps use the function keys on touchbar by default. I could easily do it from Setting > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Function Keys and there i could add my app.


        After my addition if i open that app i see that touch bar not refreshing itself. App Control settings stuck at touch bar. The only way that i can get my function keys is pressing one-time-only fn key. After first press the function keys are appear and don't disappear as expected.


        If i switch to a default App Control Touch Bar application the function keys stuck now. As the same way i need to press one-time-only fn key to get my App Control settings on touch bar.


        Device: MacbookPRO 15' 2018 w/ Touch Bar

        OS: MacOS Catalina Public Beta 4