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        I've started the Apple Search Ads Basic campaign for one of my apps I recently released. I'm getting a CPI around $0.50 and I've received about 20 installs. However, I've set the monthly budget at $200. Only about $11 of it has been spent.


        Could something like this be caused by bad app metadata (screenshots, etc)? I'm trying to understand how Apple Search Ads works while trying to fix this issue. I thought the CPI would be very high if the ad isn't good (bad metadata). But now I'm beginning to doubt that the reason for a fewer than expected installs could be a sign that the ad (screenshots, etc) needs improvements.


        Any tips on where to look will be much appreciated!

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          As Search Ads Basic runs on a CPI model as opposed to Search Ads Advanced on a CPT model, it will be very hard for you to compete with other ads in each auction.


          We have typically seen Search Ads Basic work well only for brand terms only, especially for apps that haven't run Search Ads Advanced previously as the algorithm is unable to build up relevance for other keywords so your ad will only be shown for brand names only.


          At Blackbox, we have our own automated Apple Search Ads platform that allows you to set your budget, CPI goal and add keywords you want to appear for. It brings the best of Search Ads Advanced and Search Ads Basic onto one easy to use 24/7 running platform.


          You can find out more about Blackbox here: www.blackbox-platform.com


          Additionally, we also perform App Store Optimisation (ASO) for your app to improve your metadata. If you'd like to find out more, you can visit our website: www.redboxmobile.com or email: sales@redboxmobile.com


          Please let me know if you need any further assistance!


          Many thanks,