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        I've installed the macOS Catalina beta 2 to test our custom authorization client (plugin), but I noticed that it doesn't work over a screensaver at all. Then I tried the default client but with the authenticate-session-owner-or-admin rule for the screensaver.

        If I modify the system.login.screensaver rule to use authenticate-session-owner-or-admin instead of use-login-window-ui, then I see no UI trying to unlock the running screensaver, no matter how many times I try.


        Is that a bug, or Apple broke authorization plugins for a purpose. I know that the authenticate-session-owner-or-admin rule uses the legacy code, and Apple is only interested in the modern 'fancy' use-login-window-ui. But only the first one supports plugins.


        For the last  three years Apple is adding more and more bugs in that area from one release to another. I have a number of bugs that has been ignored by Apple for a year or two.


        So, my question is there any hope to have this issue fixed in the macOS 10.15 release?

        Because as for now, this totally brokes our product

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          I don’t have any input on your specific situation — I do support this stuff in general, but I’m not yet up to speed on any 10.15 changes in this space — but my recommendation in situations like this is always the same: File a bug.  If that comes back as ‘not to be fixed’, you know this was a deliberate design change.

          Please post your bug number, just for the record.

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            Hi lex.andreev,


            Did you ever submit a bug report for this, and if so could you tell me the ID?  It's affecting our product (probably lot of others as well) and I want to have the ID so I can ask my Apple contact about the status and disposition of the issue.