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        Hi All,


        I'm stuck. My SSD won't mount after trying to install Beta 4.


        The identifier is now disk0s2, and I can't mount it using terminal, nor Disk Utility in Recovery mode and also in Internet Recovery mode.


        I can't go into Safe mode since the drive won't mount. I'm kinda screwed, I think. I can't even format it and restore from a Time Machine backup at this point.


        Anyone have any ideas? I can't imagine that the hardware went bad at the same time as the upgrade...


        - Thanx

        - Jon

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          Following this thread...


          My PCIe Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro (with 2 SSDs in Raid0), sitting in a Sonnet Echo Express III-D box, connected to my Mac Pro via Thunderbolt, also is falling out all the time. As I use this volume for Time Machine, it is really irritating, and the only solution is for me to disconnect the Echo Express box, and reconnect for the Tempo volume to be recognised again...