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        I am looking into this example of capturing body motion in 3D:



        The example given is using hi-fidelity skeletons hierarchy as USDZ. So I give it a look at the skeleton inside XCode, and trying to replicate the skeleton hierarchy hoping that my MUCH SIMPLER 3D character skeleton will just work. I have maybe just 20-30% of all the skeletons. I omit some nodes.


        But my character does not work, it seems to give error like could not find skeleton X.


        2019-07-15 22:36:43.985210+1000 BodyDetection[4434:181726] [API] Created entity character does not contain supplied joint name: spine_4_joint.

        2019-07-15 22:36:43.985257+1000 BodyDetection[4434:181726] [API] Cannot get joint count for non-character entity.

        Error: Unable to load model: The operation couldn’t be completed. (RealityKit.Entity.LoadError error 4.)


        Is it actually possible to supply a USDZ character with less skeleton, or mayb just from chest and above, or maybe even just left hand and right hand?