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        Hi all,


        I created a new app in app store and gave it starting version = 1.0


        - then I used standalone application loader v3.1 to upload the App

        - it first failed with odd upload errors - I tried a few times and it finally finished.


        The real app version was set to version = 1.0.1 (not the incorrect 1.0 that I mistyped in the app store)


        Problem: in app store - the  build area of app is blank and not showing my upload after some hours


        So,  in app store I changed the  version = 1.0.1 to match the real app version - saved and waited more hours - still build does not show.


        Q: How can I fix this?





        UPDATE: a few times now

        - I deleted the whole app in app store

        - created new bundle id

        - create new app in app store with new bundle id and used new sku and version num (1.0.3 now)

        - fill out app store form


        - create new ios app version with new bundle ID and new version

        THEN use Application Loader.app (mac) to upload new app


        - BUT...


        Application Loader.app shows OLD APP ID and OLD SKU - then fails upload:


        ERROR ITMS-4241: "App is Removed or Deleted. Apps can't be validated or submitted while they're removed or deleted." at SoftwareAssets


        - seems like apps take a long time to delete and can't see new version?


        Q: Is there a way to fix this?


        Thanks Dave