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        I am looking for an API that allows me to gift a subscription to another app from my app. Example: There is an app Swortkit Fitness and I have a subscription for it. I want to create an App that allows me to gift similar workout apps that require subscriptions to other Apple users. I looked in StoreKit, but I am not seeing if this is possible or if there is an API and Documentation out there.


        Again, I want to use my app with the StoreKit framework and In-App Purchase to purchase a subscription to another user. How would this be done and is there an API and documentation on this?



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          There is no way to allow a user to purchase an IAP in an app and gift it to another person for use in that app unless you are the developer of the app.  You can purchase gift cards for the App Store and give that gift card to anyone.


          If we are talking about your sapp, you can gift from one user to another anything that is able to be purchased multiple times - non-renewing subscriptions and consumables.  There are a bunch of ways of doing that.  The simplest is to make the IAP on an app and, based on that IAP, write some CKRecord to the public database in CloudKit.   Create a corresponding code associated with that CKRecord (e.g. the CKRecordID.recordName) and provide that code to someone else who enters the code into their app.  Their app then searches for the CKRecord, destroys the CKRecord and grants them the corresponding IAP rights.  You need the CloudKit database to prevent an unock code from being used multiple times.