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        Hi ,


        How to create a backgournd service which will runs in background every 30 mins even if the app is in closed state...


        If it is achievable in iOS then will it be acceptable in AppStore while publishing my app to the AppStore...




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        J R Sylendra Babu

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          Only some events are handled in background (I assume that is what you mean by closed state)



          Respond to Important Events in the Background

          Apps don’t normally receive any extra execution time after they enter the background. However, UIKit does grant execution time to apps that support any of the following time-sensitive capabilities:

          • Audio communication using AirPlay, or Picture in Picture video.
          • Location-sensitive services for users.
          • Voice over IP.
          • Communication with an external accessory.
          • Communication with Bluetooth LE accessories, or conversion of the device into a Bluetooth LE accessory.
          • Regular updates from a server.
          • Support for Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

          Enable the Background Modes capability in Xcode if your app supports background features. Each background task has different requirements; see the appropriate framework for details about how to implement the feature. For information about how to schedule opportunistic background tasks, see BackgroundTasks.



          This tutorial could help you implement: