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        I'm working with NEHotspotConfigurationManager to automatically connect users of our app to our company's devices. I successfully set it up to connect automatically after the user specifies the randomized portion of the SSID (our products set the SSID to CompanyName-Product-4RandomDigits), and this works fine. However, I was very surprised to see that there seems to be no way to specifically request reconnecting to the network configuration created by our app, at a later time.


        As far as I've found, there's two workarounds I could potentially  do: I could have the app store the network's SSID and password, and reconfigure the network connection every time (including the 2 pop-ups each time for the user to approve joining this network), or I could ask the user to go to settings to select the correct network. Neither of these provide a seamless user experience, and I'm puzzled as to why all the work was done to create NEHotspotConfigurationManager, including the ability to list configured networks, and to remove configurations, but with no option to request to connect to an already configured network?


        Is there some workaround I'm missing? Could this potentially be fixed in some future update? This seems to be a major gap in functionality for  this sort of app, completely unnecessarily.