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        I have MFi device(RFID reader) and I'm trying to catch scanned tags in my app.

        So I use EAAccessorymanager to get the shared accessory and read data from it.

        When I open session and scan tags, stream function does not fire and I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.

        import Foundation
        import ExternalAccessory

        class RFID: NSObject, EAAccessoryDelegate, StreamDelegate
          var _accessory: EAAccessory!
          var _session: EASession!
          var _protocolString: String?  

          func turnOn() {
             let manager = EAAccessoryManager.shared()
             let accessories = manager.connectedAccessories

             if (accessories.count > 0)
                _accessory = accessories[0]; 
                _session = EASession(accessory: _accessory, forProtocol: _accessory.protocolStrings[0]); 
                _accessory.delegate = self;
                _session?.inputStream?.delegate = self;
                _session?.inputStream?.schedule(in: .current, forMode: .default);


          func stream(_ aStream: Stream, handle eventCode: Stream.Event) {
             switch eventCode {
                  case Stream.Event.openCompleted:
                  case Stream.Event.hasBytesAvailable:
                       // Read Data
                       print("Data Available");
                  case Stream.Event.hasSpaceAvailable:
                       // Write Data
                  case Stream.Event.errorOccurred:
                  case Stream.Event.endEncountered:
                  default: break

        NOTE: printed accessory is always the right one and inputStream is not nil!