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        I have a class or a struct and I would like to make my own publisher that watches a property or the class and publishes its value everytime it changes.


        The only way I can think of is to creata a pass through subject and then call 'send' on it everytime the property changes (in the didSend)


        but I have a feeling there is probably a better pattern for this that I might be missing? Is there a better way to acheive this? Is there something like  the opposite of 'Assign'? that lets you publish changes to a property?

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          I may be missing your point.


          Did you consider having a didSet observer in the class for the var you want to observe.


          This could in turn post a notification for otrher objects to subscribe to ?

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              Thanks Claude31,

              So you mean firing a a notification inside the didSet. Then you can get a publisher by calling  publisher(for:object:) method on NotificationCenter to get a publisher that would fire every time the property changes.


              I guess that should work too. But I am wondering if there there is a 'recommended' way or design pattern for this. For example is there any benifit in using a notification center instead of a passthrough subject? Or is there a simpler way out there? Because to me it sounds like such a common use case that there should be something like the 'complement' of 'assign'. Assign subcribes to a publisher and updates a property of an object. So I was just wondering if there is something that fits the other side of the equation where you have a simple way to expose a property on a class as a publisher.

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              I think PassthroughSubject() may actually be one of the easiest routes, depending on how, when and what you want to send. If you're creating a one-shot publisher (single or limited set of values, transmitted on demand) then the built-in publishers have a lot of value (Once, Just, Sequence, etc).


              But if you've got some interactive code, or your trying to a stream of values responses back from existing code, then using the PassthroughSubject().send() may be a godsend. There's not really another generic "publisher factory" in the Combine API.


              Worth mentioning, on Github there's a new project meant to include some helper pieces to Combine: Entwine. https://github.com/tcldr/Entwine/blob/master/Assets/Entwine/README.md includes a method Publisher.Factory(https://tcldr.github.io/Entwine/EntwineDocs/Extensions/Publishers/Factory.html) that may do exactly what you're after.