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        Hi all


        I'm playing with `NEPacketTunnelProvider` trying to small UDP/TCP packet sniffer. But as mentioned here, I noticed that Traffic that is distined to local network is not routed into packet tunnel even if we use default route (route all). it means if my device wifi interface has a IP address, nothing in this range will be routed into my packet tunnel.

        1) I wonder if it is possible to route everything into packet tunnel rather than a specific IP address including local network traffic?

        2) Does `tunnelRemoteAddress` of `NEPacketTunnelNetworkSettings` has any effect on packet tunnel network configuration when it is up? or it is just a string that is shown on vpn adapter information?

        3) Let's assume that out packet tunnel is running right now. Is it possible to stop and restart packet tunnel from inside its network extension for reconnecting to another server? or it can only be done using its app or iOS settings?


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