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        My company are interested in enrolling on the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. However we are slightly unsure about the Enterprise program terms and conditions.


        We wish to sign apps with the enterprise account/provision and distribute them to internal employees via Fabric Beta. Can anyone confirm if distributing enterprise apps via Fabric beta is allowed based on the terms and service? Is anyone already doing this.


        The question that flagged this issue was our legal team is concerned with the following:

        “Internal Use Application” means a software program (including extensions, fonts, media, and Libraries that are enclosed in a single software bundle) that is developed by You on a custom basis for Your own in-house business purposes (e.g., an inventory app specific to Your business) for specific use with an Apple-branded product running iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and/or macOS, as applicable, and solely for internal use (e.g., not downloadable on a public website) by Your Employees or Permitted Users (and Authorized Developers for testing and development only), or as otherwise expressly permitted in Section 2.1(f). Except as otherwise expressly permitted herein, specifically excluded from Internal Use Applications are any programs or applications that may be used, distributed, or otherwise made available to other companies, contractors (except for contractors who are developing the Internal Use Application for You on a custom basis and therefore need to use or have access to such Application), distributors, vendors, resellers, end-users or members of the general public.


        Any help, appreciated.