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        I’m trying to update an old Cocoa app to be 64-bit. It’s NSDocument-based, so I would like its windows to be tabbed, the way say TextEdit handles it.


        The “Show Tab Bar” item didn’t appear in the view menu. As an experiment, I set tabbingMode to preferred in the window .xib file. That made tabbing work — too much. All windows appeared in tabs, which is not what my users expect (or how the Dock preferences were set:

        p [NSWindow userTabbingPreference]

        (NSWindowUserTabbingPreference) $0 = NSWindowUserTabbingPreferenceManual



        I tried making a brand new app and everything just worked.


        The tabbingIdentifier is blank, so I would not expect windows to be grouped.


        Documentation for tabbing is a bit sparse, so any pointers on how to get the default Cocoa behavior would be appreciated.