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        The presentation by David Duncan at the start of WWDC video 224 is completely unclear. The bullet points read:


        • Adopt Launch Storyboards
        • Support any size
        • Support Split Screen Multitasking


        I understand about launch images and letterboxing going away. But I don't understand the implications for iPad.


        On the one hand he seems to say that split screen multitasking will be absolutely required. This implies that it will no longer be permitted to check  Requires Full Screen. But then in the same breath he says something about "unless your app is a game that requires an immersive experience". That implies that Requires Full Screen _will_ still be permitted, in which case, what is the third bullet point saying?


        Also what will be the fate of iPhone only apps? Will they still be permitted? On iPad they require full screen and are letterboxed. Is that going away? I have apps that make no sense at all on an iPad screen. I'd rather they just not run on iPad than that I be required to turn them somehow in to iPad apps.