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        Our designers use Zeiplin to specify our designs. Zeiplin uses sRGB, as does most of the industry.


        Until fairly recently, Xcode used sRGB as the default colorspace for iOS user interfaces. No more. Now when you enter a custom color it defaults to something like "Calibrated RGB". That is a big potential source of errors.


        Most devs don't even know what a colorspace is, and even though I'm an experience digital photographer who has a solid undrestanding of colorspaces, it's easy to forget to change color spaces, and even if I don't forget, it's annoying as all get-out to have to change the color-space every single time I want to specify a new cutom color.


        Is it possible to reconfigure Xcode so it defaults to the sRGB colorspace as the default colorspace for editing colors using the color picker?