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        I have a friend in Beijing who is also a coder. She is working on a project where security is such that they have no internet acess in the lab, and certainly no VPN in any of their homes.


        She is interested in testing my app, but I can't seem to invite her. She has an iPhone and and iCloud account. I follow the testflight instructions exactly but when she clicks through the verification process she always encounters an alert that says:



        Unable to Sign In

        This app is used by developers to

        manage apps on the App store. To get

        access, ask your team agent to set up

        an App Store Connect Account for you.

        ( 2002 )



        She is not using the Testflight app at this point but simply replying to the email and the Safari browser it presents.


        This happens both when i try to invite her as an internal person ( with a role ), or external tester. I now cant do anything with her because her email address is lodged and won't time-out. I have tried an Ad-Hoc build distributed through DIawi. That service works for people in Australia but not China where my target market is. And in any case if i ask people i dont know anywhere that becomes a security concern for them in dlownloading something ouotside of the App Store.


        There are no 3rd party links to Google services like Firebase, which is why I'm using Cloudkit.


        Is there an ingredient in this mix that i am missing?

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               >as an internal person ( with a role ),


          Sounds like she isn't using the same Apple ID tied to that role/invite, or, she's using the same Apple ID tied to her own dev account...don't do that.


          And by role, are you referring to Account/Member Center, or App Store Connect - those are separate.