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        So, installed beta 3 and now my music is all gone and the music app is in a perpetual "Loading Cloud Music Library" state (a few days now...).


        The old iTunes folder is still lthere but this latest beta seems to be ignoring it.

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          jsa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          Same thing happend to me on Beta 3 after the general outage of iCloud.

          Says Loading Music Library...


          iCloud Music library is still intact on my other devices. Previously you could switch on/off iCloud music library under your iCloud settings but that option seems to be gone in beta 3.

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            Same here just goes into a spin with my large library also states loading cloud music in the activity and on the bottom left it says updating cloud music library and niehter is happneing ....  and the option to turn of icloud sync ignores changes you can try to turn it off but when  you go right back to the menu its still on assuming the app is not in a spin which is rare.

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              Same issue here.

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                I'm also having the same issue.

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                  jsa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                  I am also having this issue since Beta 3 and now in Beta 4.

                  Happend just after the iCloud outage.

                  I have tried to disconnect from iCloud music library within the music app and then re-connect.

                  It just hangs with loading cloud music library...


                  All iPad OS 13 and iOS 13 / homepod does not have any issue, only my mac.

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                      Having the same issue with uploading icloud library sience beta 1. Provided the feedback but never anything back. Somehow I got it back working again by signing out, restart ect but this seems not be working anymore with beta 4.

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                      mtime Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

                      Music would not recognize my purchased iTunes content either. My solution was to "import" the albums from the iTunes media folder into the Music app. Dumb having to do this but it works now!

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                        My music app on my home computer is now blank when on "For You" or "Browse" for Apple Music. My work computer is working fine. Console is showing Music is talkign to the Apple servers but showing errors, so I wonder if this is a bad API cache situation again?


                        EDIT: The issue shows up on two of my machines (iMac Pro and Macbook pro) but is working fine on a different iMac Pro. Searching Apple Music is blank, but iTunes Store and local library work fine.


                        EDIT: All machines now show this. No music.

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                          jsa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                          Today my music started working again. I have tried a lot of times without luck.

                          I did nothing special, it just started working.

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                            mlievens Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                            I logged out, restarted my Mac and opened Music ( and Apple TV ). After logging in with my iCloud account, everything was fine and dandy once more...