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        Thanks a lot for the iOS 13 Game Center refresh!

        Unfortunately I found that Game Center has since not been usable pre iOS 13 anymore.


        To reproduce the issue please try the following:


        - New Xcode project

        - Set target to pre iOS 13, e.g. iOS 12, in my case the target is iOS 11

        - Import GameKit and call GKLocalPlayer.local somewhere in code, for example by assigning it to a let constant

        - Run this code on an iOS 12 device (I haven’t tried if it occurs in simulator)

        - CRASH


        This is a critical issue for every app that uses GKLocalPlayer with the new tool chain and Xcode 11, but still provides support for pre iOS 13.


        I have already submitted FB6152841 but wanted to still let you know this way too, because this should be something that all apps that do something with Game Center should encounter.


        Groovy greetings!